Custom E-Learning

Elm’s Learning Technologies department can develop highly interactive, engaging and media rich e-learning based on its understanding of customer challenges and needs.

  • Level 2 Web based courses
  • Game Based E-learning
  • Mobile Learning
  • 3D Animations
  • Mixed Reality

Game Based Learning

Gamification is the practice of integrating training in a way that makes work resemble a game. Attributes of Game based learning includes:

  • Best tool for changing behavior
  • Makes learning fun
  • Encourages competition
  • Goal / Purpose oriented
  • Improves problem solving and Collaboration skills

Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning in simple language is the availability of learning on mobile devices such as smartphones and tabs. Attributes of mobile learning includes:

  • Learning is accessible anytime & anywhere
  • Improves learner mobility
  • Works best for individuals who are always on the move
  • Can be used as EPSS (electronic performance support system)

Mixed Reality

Mixed reality, also known as Hybrid Reality, lets the user see the real world (like AR*) while also seeing believable, virtual objects (like VR*).

It allows virtual objects to be placed in real space, making it possible for the end user to see and interact with these objects as they would do in the real world.

(VR) Virtual Reality – everything is unreal and programmed

(AR) Augmented Reality – use real life objects to get information

E-learning Consultancy

Elm’s Learning Technology team is equipped to understand the challenges your organization faces when using traditional classroom training formats for training stakeholders. Some of these challenges include:

  • Increased Cost
  • Low Return of Investment
  • The Away from Productive Work
  • Limited Reach and Scalability

Managed Services

Elm’s Learning Technologies department provides a variety of value added services that assist our customers

  • Ethra LMS Maintenance, Support and Upgrades
  • Online Courses Maintenance
  • Ethra LMS Administration
  • Onsite LMS Support Services